• Hridya Warrier

Protein Rich Black Gram Veggie Salad

Updated: Apr 15

A simple and protein packed salad with fun flavors in each bite!


Baby Cucumbers - 1

Red Bell Pepper - 1

Yellow Bell Pepper - 1

Orange Bell Pepper - 1

Tomato - 1

Red Onion - 1/2

Green Chillies - 1

Black Gram (soaked overnight and pressure cooked) - 1 cup

Lemon - 1

Olive Oil - 1 tbsp

Cilantro chopped - 2 tbsp

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Dice all the vegetables.

  2. In a bowl, add Black Gram and all the vegetables.

  3. Add salt, pepper, and Lemon juice.

  4. Add in the olive oil and toss the salad.

  5. Garnish with chopped cilantro.


Black Gram is not compulsory. Here are some easy to find alternatives that are equally healthy: Chickpeas, Alpha Alpha Sprouts, Bean Sprouts, and Green Moong Sprouts.