• Hridya Warrier

Healthy Nutty Poha

Poha has been an eternal part of our Indian Breakfast from a long time. This is my mom's recipe. I added some new options to give it a healthy twist!


Red Poha (Flattened Rice) - 1 cup

Old Fashioned Oats - 1 cup

Coconut Oil - 2 tbsp

Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp

Urad Dal - 1 tsp

Jeera (Cumin Seeds) - 1 tsp

Curry Leaves - 3-4

Flax Seeds - 2 tsp

Crushed Peanuts - 1 tbsp

Green Chilies chopped - 2

Ginger chopped - 1/2 stick

Red or White Onion chopped - 1 Small or 1/2 medium

Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup

Fresh Dhaniya (Cilantro) chopped - 2 tbsp


  1. Heat a heavy bottom pan on medium flame and add coconut oil. Add Mustard Seeds and cover.

  2. Once the seeds splutter, add Jeera, Urad Dal, and Curry Leaves. Roast for couple of minutes. At this time wash the Poha and Oats and keep aside to drain water.

  3. Add the chopped onion, green chilies, ginger. Lower the flame, cover and let this cook for about 5 minutes.

  4. Now add the washed Poha and Oats, salt, Flax Seeds, and Peanuts. Mix well and cook till everything blends well with the Poha.

  5. In the end mix in the Coconut and chopped Dhaniya leaves. Cover and cook in the lowest flame for couple of minutes or until ready to serve.

Quick Notes:

  • Serves 4 people

  • I usually wash the Poha couple of minutes before adding to the tadka. It helps keep the poha moist and helps it cook in the steam. Absorbs less oil.