• Hridya Warrier

Fruit Up Slushy

Updated: May 15, 2020

Use some fresh fruits at home to whip up this quick healthy drink

Ingredients: Oranges - 2- 4 small Apple - 1 Ginger - 1 small stick Fresh Mint Leaves - 1-2 tbsp roughly chopped Mango pulp - 1/2 cup or fresh Mango chopped - 1/2 cup Lemon juice - 2 tbsp Rose Water - 2 tsp

Method: There are two options to make this. 1. One is, in a blender add crushed ice, and all the above fruits and blend them. 2. Another option is, if you have a mixer with a juicer attachment, you can add all the ingredients and blend. The juicer will strain out the juice that can be poured. I prefer the first method as it makes the drink healthier and rich in fiber. Assemble your drink: Take two glasses. Add crushed ice. Pour over your drink. Garnish with a Mint sprig. Being made with fresh ingredients, there are chances the liquid can settle below separating the fruits. Stir it before serving. Sip and enjoy. Nutritional Information: I added Mango juice as I did not have mangoes but the sugar content is very low. Hardly 1 tsp. If you add all fresh fruits, it will give you a healthy and refreshing slushy.